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Argumentative Essay Topics About Animals for Pros!

The world of fauna has always attracted people with its diversity and beauty. The phenomenon of animal life has millions of admirers today who are inspired to explore it in different ways: traveling to famous and rich natural habitats, observing animal behavior, and, of course, studying the animal world with the highest precision and determination. And, when it comes to the last method mentioned, what sphere of life can compete with the academic sector in terms of having the tools to get to know fauna? In this regard, we have prepared the greatest argumentative essay topics about animals for you!


Argumentative Essay Topics About Animals

  1. Animal rights as the indicator of a civilized society.
  2. The problem of animal extinction as a result of human violence.
  3. The advancement of protection culture for fauna.
  4. Is animal health just a way of making money?
  5. The controversial nature of animal testing.
  6. Bullfighting: to be or not to be?
  7. The ethical aspect of euthanizing stray animals.
  8. The dangers that farms expose animals to.
  9. The challenges encompassing the adoption of pets.
  10. The moral aspects of keeping animals in captivity for entertainment and commercial reasons.
  11. Is animal testing for medical and cosmetic purposes morally justified?
  12. The threat that wildlife poses to humans, particularly in the areas of its habitat.
  13. The urgency of protecting endangered animals.
  14. The principles of saving exotic animals from human intervention.
  15. Animal fashion: what is the outlook for this trending fashion practice?
  16. Should the production of garments from mink be allowed?
  17. The moral responsibility of eliminating animal abuse.
  18. Why performance animals are exposed to higher risks.
  19. Why animal health should be properly maintained.
  20. Teaching kids to care for animals.

Animal Topics for Research Papers

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Animal Topics for Research Papers

  1. Water pollution as the human-driven threat to aquatic life.
  2. The aspects of improving the quality of veterinary care.
  3. Ecological problems as the acute hazards to animal life.
  4. The importance of implementing international laws on animal rights.
  5. The provision of good care for animals living in risky areas.
  6. The evolution of protecting endangered species.
  7. The inhumane nature of hunting.
  8. The prospects of reinforcing the legislation for animal rights.
  9. Genetically modified livestock as one of the alarming signs of cruelty to animals.
  10. Dissecting animals for studying purposes: the controversy behind the educational practice.
  11. Laboratory research as one of the biggest hazards to animals.
  12. Captivating animals and for entertainment as one of the most violent acts against fauna.
  13. Intentional violence against animals.
  14. The practice of euthanizing stray or sick animals should be eradicated in the modern world.
  15. The role that companion animals play in the lives of the handicapped.
  16. The tendencies in protecting endangered species today.
  17. Neutering as a moral crime against animals.
  18. The legislative aspects of hunting for sport across the world.
  19. Vegan culture among cats and dogs is a life-threatening practice.
  20. The global problem of circus culture as regards animal captivity.

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